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April 8th Update: We are no longer accepting applications for this semester's cohort. We are taking applications for July 29th. Please apply below.

Our Services



  • Must be 18 years of age or older.

  • Must have been formally incarcerated through Bexar County.

  • Must complete enrollment process.

  • Must be willing to attend daily sessions from 10am-3pm daily for the 9 week duration. 


Program Benefits 

  • Receive $15 per hour while enrolled in the program.

  • Receive 12 months of supportive services following graduation. 

  • Eligible to receive a 2-year scholarship with Alamo Colleges upon program completion. 


What to expect.

The 9 week Turning Point Program through FREED Texas focuses on the following: 

  • Peer Support

  • Education

  • Civics and Divinity

  • Employment

  • Health and wellness.

Scholars attending the program will learn about each area of focused called Pillars. Classes are facilitated by leaders in each field and alumni. Learning is interactive and supportive.


If you are unable to see or complete the application on our website, you can access the link to the form by clicking on the application button. 

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