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Our Mission

Our Mission

Restore families, transform communities, eliminate recidivism 


Our Vision

Our Vision is a greater American community in which formerly incarcerated individuals are spiritually restored, high-performing, fully committed to living crime free, and have been set free from their negative stigma

-Leonora Walker, CEO

2021 Goals

2022 Goals

During our second year, we will double our enrollment, welcoming a new class of twenty FREED Scholars. We will also strengthen and renew community partnerships. This year we will also host our first FREED Texas Criminal Justice Convention where the field’s top minds will congregate and discuss modern solutions to systemic problems.

2023 Goal

2023 Greats is with great goals. Our program will continue to work towards developing structures and practices to measure results and replicate success. We look forward to completing 3 Cohorts and hosting many events to continue to raise awareness to the issues that impact recidivism.

In our first year as a nonprofit corporation, we aim to enroll an inaugural class of ten FREED Scholars. As we expand, we will hire and train more staff, conduct multiple focus groups, and identify faith-based partnerships. This year we will build the structure that will carry our mission into the next decade.

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