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 Restoring Families & Transforming 
Communities By Eliminating   




re·​cid·​i·​vism (noun)

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Recidivism refers to the rate at which a person may relapse into criminal behavior after their incarceration. It is often used to measures the effectiveness of our criminal justice system. Research continues to show there are disparities and inefficiencies within our system:

  • The African American Incarceration Rate in Texas is 7 times higher than that of whites

  • Texas is home to the greatest number of prisons in the USA: with 313 prisons it has 110% more places of incarceration than it does Universities or Colleges

  • 6 out of 10 of those released from prison will return to prison within 3 years in

Our Mission

Our Vision is a greater American society in which formerly incarcerated individuals are spiritually restored, civically engaged, high-performing, and fully committed to living crime-free, and have been set free from their negative stigma.
-Leonora Light Walker, CEO


We Believe An Educated FREED Scholar Is No Longer Fit To Be A Slave

What makes FREED Texas Different?

Our Remnant of Healing Academy provides a well-rounded curriculum based on our "7 Pillars" -​ From the application process to the 12 months of monitoring following the completion of the Academy, FREED Texas strives to empower each Scholar and equip them to be leaders in their homes, families, and communities. 

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